Creating the Future, with old principles: Hard work, loyalty, endurance and honesty. We deliver authentic media productions, concept branding and social media campaigns. These products include powerful, emotional and surprising messages for corporate, personal or social needs.

We believe our productions need to inspire, excite, inform, surprise and energize the crowd. And Triple-J Visions knows how to evoke the right emotions in order to do just that and help you reach your target audience. By touching people’s emotions we leave a mark in their memory, creating future proof productions. We work with rebellious, characteristic and passionate people, who believe in the word real. Wether you need a video, a good cinematographer, a sound engineer for your mix and master or a full production, we are here for you.

Triple-J Visions is a young company, but driven by passion. Therefore we are the company other starters run to for technical information, creative ideas and future proof concepts. Balance is the key.

Jesse is a selfmade entrepeneur who owns the company Triple-J Media. A refreshing new audiovisual media company that combines all of Jesse’s interests and talents by offering several services to the audiovisual and music industry. While being an entrepeneur, Jesse is also considered to be a (Music) artist, director, filmmaker, camera operator, editor and sound engineer. Besides investing his energy into this company he usually tends to work on his own art: Fictional videos, music and live performances.

Interested in Jesse’s music or other work of art? Looking to book Jesse as an artist, or simply want to know more about him? Click the link below.








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